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The Cypher1 Invoicing Program enables the speedy and accurate production of all types of Invoices. It provides links to many other Cypher1 modules facilitating the transfer of information easily

  • Invoices can be produced from: Costing; Estimates; Stock; Electrical or Mechanical Databases; or just simple free format text lines of any length.
  • Items can be entered into an invoice for Material;Plant;Labour;Sub Contract and Other categories.
  • Customer defaults such as discounts and markups are all imported from the selected customer and applied automatically to all goods added to the invoice.
  • The due date for the invoice is calculated from the customers settlement period and date created, incorporating early settlement discounts.
  • A �Layout Designer� is included so you may create different layouts depending on your customers requirements, full Colour including your own Logo.
  • Invoices and payments can be posted directly into Sage Line 50

The User Interface is simple and in an industry standard format, making the learning process quicker which in turn means you can start to enjoy the time and money savings that much sooner.

Click on the images below for a larger screen shot of the invoicing program in action.

Invoice Index Invoice Index
Invoice Index
Invoice Front Page Invoice Front Page
Invoice Main Screen
 Invoice Items Page Invoice Items Page
Invoice Items
Invoice Add From Database Page Invoice Add From Database
Invoice Add From Database
Invoice Values Page Invoice Values Page
Invoice Values Breakdown