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The easiest way to control Orders placed with, and payments made to, your Subbies

  • Valid Certificates and Insurance Policy checks
  • Subbies ‘On-Stop’
  • Automatic VAT calculations
  • Materials Purchased / Travel Costs
  • Annual Return
  • Instant Analysis of Data Committed Costs (Costing ModulPart Payments
  • Retentions
  • Bespoke Reports and Layouts Full Search Routines
  • Click on the images below for a larger screen shot of the subcontract program in action.

    Subcontract Purchase Order Subcontract Index
    Subcontract Purchase Order
    Subcontract Invoice Subcontract Front Page
    Subcontract Invoice
     Subcontract Payment Subcontract Items Page
    Subcontract Payment
    Subcontract Batch Payments Subcontract Add From Database
    Subcontract Batch Payments
    Subcontract Order Tracking Subcontract Values Page
    Subcontract Order Tracking